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The NATO will direct the ships to battle to pirates

Patience of the NATO has burst. The alliance has made decision to direct the military ships to areas of gulf of Aden and Indian ocean for struggle with Somali pirates, passes ITAR - TASS.

So Ministers of Defence of the countries of the NATO at an informal meeting the day before have solved.

According to the International sea bureau, now in a captivity with the Somali pirates remain 15 courts and more than 300 seamen. Among them - crew of the Ukrainian vessel Faina transporting the weapon to Africa.

Capture Fainy with military cargo also became that last drop which has exhaust all patienced many countries interested in sea security. Now Fainu and pirates are surrounded at once some with the military ships from the different countries, they watch that pirates have not passed the weapon to coast.

last week the Russian Naval Forces have obtained the official permit of the authorities of Somalia to application of force against pirates. However, to attack impudent pirates now dares nobody - from - for fears for life of seamen - hostages.

By the way, the day before George Bush`s administration has declared that will co-ordinate the diplomatic actions with Russia, which USA undertake to release Fainu informs RIA News .

We are in contact to Russia in Washington and Moscow for diplomatic coordination. We already carried on negotiations with the governments of Ukraine, Russia, Belize, Latvia and Kenya - it is told in the US State department statement.

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