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In Minsk Basques has decided not to have supper

As the singer was possible to find out for quite some time now adheres to a strict diet (eats meat, fish - only prepared on pair or on a grill) and flatly refuses a supper.

every evening with Nikolay by phone the personal dietician Rita Koroleva communicates, and in the categorical form reminds: Kohl, you after seven evenings do not eat! You have not forgotten?!

not to tempt appetite, the singer has made changes in own rajder. For quite some time now there there was a line: it is forbidden to put in a make-up room a room the sweet!

by the way, the singer will arrive to Minsk not one, and from the beloved Montserrat Marti Kabale (in a duet they execute world hits, public in a hysterics from delight). On a scene of Basques of feelings does not hide, gently pressing to itself the beauty - the Spaniard. It seems, they should not play love - all on - to the present.

But the singer does not refuse water (Basques drinks water of exclusively one stamp) - in day drinks to three litres of a liquid.

on pleasure to organizers, this time Basques only will have a dinner in Minsk.

it is not excluded that at leisure the singer will walk on brendovym to the Minsk shops in search of footwear. It appears, purchase of new shoes for Nikolay - a problem not from simple. Fault to all - the non-standard size - forty three and a half .

Minsk becomes the fifth city under the bill within the limits of Nikolay Baskova`s tour (he already has had time to drive across Baltic).

In the light of future financial crisis, organizers of concerts in Europe strongly were stirred with a question, a leah people will buy up expensive enough tickets. Or hearings about financial problems are strongly exaggerated, or simply it is not a pity to Europeans on Baskova of the euros - cents, but public has bought up all without remainder, including standing places.