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Akunin has explained, why he has interviewed Khodorkovsky

Writer Boris Akunin has told, as well as why it has made interview to concluded Michael Khodorkovsky.

Khodorkovsky has promised that will answer my questions frankly, and, in my opinion, it has constrained the word. Its lawyers - clever people, and they did all by strict rules which have in detail explained - Akunin has told.

As he said, he was not stirred for itself(himself) and did not feel any fear, starting this interview.

If now there was 38 year me would shoot, in 78 year - would send to a mental hospital. But now other times - Akunin has told.

According to well-known detektivshchika if he wrote the book on a basis of history of Khodorkovsky it there would be a history about heartrending experiences, informs RIA News .

I am am mentioned by a subject of opposition of the single and the whole state machinery. And thus, there is such sensation that its car is afraid, and it they be is not present. As the writer me is intrigued with another - an eternal subject - a way, which person passes owing to heartrending experiences. One people on this way break, and others, as if, rise above - Akunin has told.

the Writer has sharply negatively responded about the decision of the chief of a pre-trial detention centre to punish Khodorkovsky for interview otsidkoj in a punishment cell.

It is meanness - to put the person in a punishment cell in day of a golden wedding of his parents. After all after an interview exit by that moment there has passed week. And to it a distance of 12 days for 12 pages. Besides, it also is very silly, because has called a wave of sympathy to Khodorkovsky which interview would not provoke - Akunin has told.  

we Will remind,   On October, 3rd in magazine Esquire there was an interview which writer Boris Akunin took from Michael Khodorkovsky leaving 8 - a summer imprisonment term for evasion from payment of taxes. The interview text can be read here.

Interview from - for the clear reasons was is taken on correspondence. The writer and the prisoner exchanged letters at intermediary of its lawyers.

As Akunin has told, interview has occupied 2 - 3 months in the beginning of summer, and the magazine has published result.