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Small Krasnoyarsk citizens with congenital deafness have heard music

Children with congenital deafness for the first time have heard world around sounds. Small patients of regional children`s hospital became such lucky persons. After implantation of special microchips children   month were under constant control of doctors. Experts watched, how the child gets used to a foreign matter and as its organism adapts for the electronic gauge. And here the day before   acoustical   implantaty activated   also have adjusted. Procedure passed so: the chip connected to the special computer program,   and   included a sound of different loudness. If the patient starts to hear, it shows it in special drawing. As soon as the comfortable status is defined - all parametres are fixed. It is interesting that the first sounds which were heard by children are there were not simple words, and a melody. Doctors say that thus the stress for mentality will be the least. However process of full occurrence of hearing very long. But according to experts, kiddies can feel high-grade and   to adapt   to   to the social environment.