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Cossacks of Krasnoyarsk region, Khakassia and Tuva have gathered in “the big circle”

To Krasnoyarsk delegates of the Yenisei Cossack army   have gathered; from various cities of Siberia.   big   a circle (congress)   Cossacks   has passed   in suburban   a complex “Grenada“.   Behind one table   have met   deputies, representatives regional   the power and municipal unions.   both parties have discussed   interaction questions   the Cossacks with local governments   and legislature.   after all the corresponding decree of the president of the Russian Federation left still   on July, 3rd, 2008.   but in territory of edge it is realised yet to the full.   atamans and members   boards   the Yenisei Cossack army intend to take active part in life of all region.     In foyer of the cultural centre have issued an exposition about history, culture and a life of the Yenisei Cossacks.   after an official part   all interested persons could get acquainted with it. And already   in the street the art and skill have shown   folklore ensembles (children`s, female and man`s), group of hand-to-hand fight and voltizhirovshchikov with sabres.