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The Krasnoyarsk Komsomol will celebrate 90 - summer anniversary

on October, 29th   the All-Union Lenin Communistic Union of Youth   will celebrate the anniversary.   90 years ago to the first members of the Komsomol have tied red ties. And young men,   in turn, have sworn     to execute covenants grandfathers Lenin . Communists of Krasnoyarsk region plan to celebrate this feast widely. In different corners of region will pass solemn actions. Members of the Komsomol of different generations will gather to remember kind Soviet period . Heads of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation   will hand over to veterans of Komsomol commemorative medals 90 years VLKSM the founded Central Committees of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. In Krasnoyarsk celebratory actions will begin on October, 26th. This day in 13. 00 young communists and members of the Komsomol will assign flowers to a monument to Vladimir Ilichu Lenin to the Revolution areas. And in 15. 00 at Opera and ballet theatre the celebratory evening devoted   will take place; 90 - letiju from the date of birth VLKSM. Legends of Krasnoyarsk Komsomol become visitors of a feast: heroes of Socialist work, gentlemen of orders of Glory and   pervostroiteli Krasnoyarsk HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION.