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Today on Vorobevyh mounts will pass nut mobilisation and a leaf fall of good deeds

In all especially protected natural territories of Moscow this Saturday, on October, 25th, there will pass the nature protection action the Leaf fall of good deeds . Epicentre of this leaf fall can quite become zakaznik Vorobevy mounts - a unique place where, without leaving capital, Muscovites can walk on the present wood, feed from hands of squirrels.   winter weather forecasters predict snow and cold. And therefore employees zakaznika suggest Muscovites to fill up stocks, with which   fibers, and also pigeons, ducks and other birds zakaznika can eat in the winter.

- In ours zakaznike feeding troughs for birds and fiber are established, - the chief specialist of department of ecological education zakaznika Elena Fedorova tells, - hunger does not threaten pupils. But they will not refuse more various menu.

In zakaznike will be glad to good sunflower seeds, nuts, dried fruits, any groats, except millet. All it can be brought from 10 o`clock till 16 o`clock in volernyj a complex. To pass to it it is simple: the first car from the centre, an exit on street Kosygina. Further minutes five minutes on foot under indexes.

At 10:00 from stands in square in the street Kosygina will begin free excursions on ecological tracks zakaznika. Excursion messages will not only employees zakaznika, but also children - graduates   Schools of the guide . On Saturday record on a new course of this school, by the way, will open.

to Muscovites will show one of the most ancient oaks of capital: to these trees - to patriarchs now more than three hundred years. Very few people knows that the well-known Christ the Saviour Cathedral was initially put in the shadow of these trees. It was already ready   the base when architects nevertheless have come to a conclusion: to build a temple on a mount slope it is unsafe. To tourists necessarily will show this place. Further for children will spend at once some ecological games. For example, will teach to distinguish, blindly, in literal sense a bark of an oak from   barks   an ash-tree, will tell, what trees and why fastest get accustomed in a megacity. At midday in zakaznike will begin city subbotnik: with whisks, a rake and garbage bags of townspeople promised to provide.   as the ecological action the Leaf fall of good deeds will pass   in a river Setun Valley, in Zelenogradsk and Troparevsky zakaznikah, the Moskvoretsk park   and in Kuzminkah - Ljublino. Will be here too glad   to the Muscovites, decided to help employees zakaznikov   to prepare feeding troughs for birds and fiber, to clean garbage, to repair benches.