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Muslim Magomayev: to Each time - the singer

Today   about seven mornings in Moscow the substitute, the glorified Soviet singer, the poet and composer Muslim Magomayev has died. He has died at home on 67 - an ohm to year of life - heart has stopped. Favourite wife Tamara Sinjavsky was a number last minutes lives. Doctors First aid have appeared are powerless before death.

the Singer has left, as its epoch leaves.

Today we will remember its kind word, its songs - our youth and memory of Soviet period.

we Publish fragments from   interview of Muslima Magometovicha .

-   you as - that have told that from a scene it is necessary to leave silently and adequately. Judging by that you is not visible on a variety stage almost, you from a scene already have left. Or I am mistaken?

- There is in it a true share. On - large as it was twenty years ago, I do not act for a long time already. Basically I give concerts with my spouse. At us a duet. One branch I accompany it, another - it to me. Here more recently acted in St.-Petersburg and Kiev are my favourite cities. Besides those few concerts which I give, quite enough for the family budget.

- the general state of affairs on the Russian platform has affected your decision less to appear on a scene? I as - that read that your spouse, singer Tamara Sinjavsky, was horrified, having heard a youth hit to Eighteen me already ...

- is not present, not in it the reason. Though, I do not argue, now time of young executors. Whatever one may do, to the time - the singer. To me sixty, and for a platform it is a lot of.

- Why?

- Because much is eliminated from repertoire. For example, songs about love.

- and what, in sixty it is not necessary to love?

- Is not present, this feeling exists, but in sixty years to sing return a love melody you see, it is a little strange.