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Muslim Magomayev: « From membership in party to sing I would not become better »

Today   about seven mornings in Moscow the substitute, the glorified Soviet singer, the poet and composer Muslim Magomayev has died. He has died at home on 67 - an ohm to year of life - heart has stopped.

the Singer has left, as its epoch leaves. Its songs - our youth, therefore Magomayev`s name and its melodies always call only good memoirs. We publish fragments from   interview of Muslima Magometovicha .

  - the Duet I sing only with the wife. More often. There were calls from many our young stars, but unlike the colleagues I have considered that it is not necessary for me. People of my generation should be engaged in in what were engaged all life.

-   When to you as to the singer was easier - in Soviet vsezapretnye times or today, in a century of market relations?

is from what party to look. Then in sense of interdictions it was very difficult, and at times it is insulting. But, on the other hand, at that time to us there was a special attention. If I then sang so seldom, as now would die from hunger. Today in financial sense it is, of course, easier and better.

- at that time you did not enter any political organisations: this credo or so happens?

is my credo. I am an artist. The artist should be engaged in the business. And from, a leah I will consist in any party, to sing I will become better not.

- Why in due time you have refused to go to the Bolshoi theatre, having preferred it a platform?

- the Bolshoi theatre demands discipline, and I the undisciplined person.

- your relation to that many actors for the fee sing on parties new Russian bankers, the mighty of this world?

- And why also is not present, for what them to blame? I too some times in the life sang on similar actions. And what, it was better in those days when we have been obliged to consider it as honour free of charge to act one of these days births of secretaries general? Or on banquets on any large feasts where officials sat and drank vodka, having a snack our art? I think that it is ordinary work and anything here insulting is not present.