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The American senate at last - that will spend debate under contract SNV

the Contract on reduction of strategic offensive arms between Russia and the United States, probably, all - taki will be ratified by the senate of the Congress of the USA till the end of this year. On Wednesday the senate has voted for the beginning of official discussion of this important document.

we will remind, 66 senators have voted for the beginning of debate, 32 were against. Thus, contract discussion in the senate will begin already today. Thus the requirement of conservative senators - republicans that the contract should be completely read in chamber, has been rejected.

the white house throughout long time asked the senate to prosecute this subjects, but republicans very much tried to delay it. At times even in rather strange ways.

For example, republican Jim Demint from South Carolina tried to detain process at 12 o`clock, declaring that it needs to familiarise with the text of the contract which is published and is accessible within already several months.

according to the leader of the senatorial majority of democrat Harry Read, the contract on SNV, most likely, will be countenanced. For document ratification for it should vote 67 of 100 senators, marks Interfax .


Obama will not go on leave, while the senate will not confirm the contract on SNV