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In SKP have rejected the version about poor-quality fuel in failure They be 154 in Domodedovo

the Version about poor-quality fuel which could become the air crash reason in « Domodedovo » has not proved to be true. On Monday employee SKP which has sealed up right after accidents the tank with kerosene from whom refuelled They be 154, has allowed airport administrations to fill from it other planes.
after research of kerosene by laboratory GosNiI of civil aircraft all « fuel » suspicions have been removed.

According to the representative of the airport Vnukovo   Elenas Krylovoj, that day from this canister have received fuel « 17 cars - toplivozapravshchikov, served about 50 planes ». Any of liners of problems has not arisen, therefore administration « Vnukovo » did not doubt quality of fuel, the newspaper « writes on Tuesday; the Businessman ».

we Will remind, the plane They be 154 « Airlines of Dagestan » flying from Moscow to Makhachkala, has crash-landed on December, 4th at the airport « Domodedovo ». At landing the plane was rolled out for limits of a runway and has faced an earthen hill therefore the fuselage has collapsed. Onboard there were 163 passengers and nine crewmen. As a result of an air crash two persons were lost, more than 80 have got wounds, in hospitals remain more than 50.

the Consequence considered earlier five possible versions of failure: technical malfunction, equipment refusal, a crew error, poor-quality fuel, difficult meteoconditions, but thus any of versions is not priority.

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