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In Transbaikalia: are denounced zamglavy Hiloksky area and the head physician of regional hospital

Hiloksky district court has pronounced on December, 9th, 2010 a sentence on criminal case concerning the first deputy of the head of Hiloksky area Boris Beloshapkina and the head physician of Hiloksky central regional hospital Sergey Shtykina, informs a press - service of Office of Public Prosecutor of Transbaikalian edge.

the First of them is recognised by guilty of instigation fulfilment to abusing powers of office (ch. 4 items 33 p.1 item 285 of the criminal code of Russian Federation), and the second in fulfilment of abusing by powers of office (p.1 item 285 of the criminal code of Russian Federation). The court has appointed to everyone punishment in the form of right deprivation to occupy organizational - administrative and administrative posts in public authorities and local government for a period of 2 years of 6 months and 2 years accordingly. Also the court satisfies the civil suit about collecting from the 578 thousand roubles denounced in a share order.

As Olga Krutsky has told the assistant to the public prosecutor of Hiloksky area:

- It is established that Beloshapkin in 2007 arrangements incited Shtykina to transfer more than 5,5 million roubles into account Open Company contract organisation « DorStrojServis » making repair in children`s and maternity branches and in a laundry of the central regional hospital before actual end of works. He also incited him in signing of the additional municipal contract to the sum over 1,3 million roubles without the sufficient bases on that. SHtykin has followed his tastes and has made malfeasance. Both have committed crimes incriminated to it from other personal interest.

So, Beloshapkin wanted to please the friend who was the head of Open Company « DorStrojServis » in reception of the favourable order. Having used that the head of area was in holiday, it has convinced Shtykina that the municipal contract on manufacture of works is already concluded. Then under its initiative between contract organisation and Hiloksky TSRB the turnkey contract that guaranteed reception of money resources only Open Company « has been concluded; DorStrojServis ». Thus workers of the given organisation have appeared in territory of hospital and have started works to the conclusion of any contracts.

For giving of visibility of legality to perfect actions, Beloshapkin in November initiated competition carrying out on placing of the municipal order on repair of the central regional hospital. Thus by it have been exposed obviously not comprehensible to possible other participants of competition of a condition to spend all repair work in cost over 5,5 million roubles within 20 days from December, 3 till December, 23rd, 2007. It is natural that Open Company has taken part in it « only; DorStrojServis » Which became the winner. Then Beloshapkin has persuaded the head physician to sign certificates of the executed works before their actual end and to conclude with the named contract organisation the additional municipal contract for the sum over 1,3 million roubles without carrying out of additional competition.

At the initiative of the party of the state charge in February, 2010 has been appointed repeated building - technical expert appraisal, according to which conclusions Open Company « Dorstrojservis » has considerably overestimated amounts of executed works in this connection the size of the caused damage of administration of municipal area has made 578 thousand roubles. The area budget in 2007 and now is for 76 percent dotatsionnym and the caused damage for it is considerable.

Taking into account the given fact the court has considered proved vmenenie to both defendants of a qualifying sign « essential infringement of interests of a society protected by the law and the states ».