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In Kuzbas for swindle two officials

in Novokuznetsk are denounced One of these days the sentence is pronounced at once to two officials. They are 51 - summer Igor Rudenkov and 26 - summer Marina Vorzhishcheva entered into the commission on investigation of accident and wanted to earn in addition on this fact.

- In January, 2009 denounced tried to receive money from the head of one of the Kuzbass enterprises in a total sum of 100 thousand roubles, - have told in a press - service of regional Office of Public Prosecutor. - Vorzhishcheva - the inspector of State Labour Inspection in the Kemerovo region headed the commission on investigation of accident which has occurred on December, 16th, 2008 to the driver of firm, rukovodimoj the victim. Rudenkov at that point in time holding a post of the deputy director of Novokuznetsk branch of the Kuzbass branch of Fund of social insurance was one of seven members of this commission.

Officials on   Directors of the enterprise began to convince pair that the result of the commission will be positive for the businessman if he pays. Though no any key influence on the decision of the commission had, as the decision is accepted collectively. In addition Rudenkov has promised that at the enterprise there will be no check about infringements in the field of social insurance. And Vorzhishcheva has assured that not only the commission will come to a conclusion about absence of fault of the organisation in accident, but in the organisation not begin to check a labour safety.

A few having thought, the director of the company has pretended that has agreed with the offered conditions. Also it was converted behind the help into federal security service. After each of suspects has received the stipulated sum, field investigators have made detention.

  - On court any of accused the fault did not recognise, – have told in a press - service of Office of Public Prosecutor across the Kemerovo region. - Nevertheless, on the basis of the collected proofs, the court recognised Rudenkova and Vorzhishchevu guilty of attempt at swindle with use of office position. Taking into account softening circumstances it appoints punishment in the form of three years of imprisonment conditionally with a trial period in two years.