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Inhabitant Petrovsk - Transbaikalian area have deprived of a driving licence

Isk Petrovsk - the Transbaikalian interdistrict public prosecutor in interests of an uncertain circle of persons at first was considered by district court which in satisfaction of its claim requirements about the right termination to operate vehicles has refused, motivating with that the woman does not use one and a half year drugs, so, is in a remission status, informs a press - service of Transbaikalian regional court.

the Public prosecutor has made the complaint in Transbaikalian regional court, insisting that for the persons, suffering affliction the narcotism, establishes contra-indications to management of vehicles. The question on returning of the rights for realisation of the given activity can be solved at proof remission within not less than 3 years.

Judicial board on civil cases of Transbaikalian regional court, having considered cases materials, has come to a conclusion that real danger of a tresspass the respondent at management of a vehicle corresponds to a measure demanded by the public prosecutor for the prevention of threat of infringement of the rights and legitimate interests of an uncertain circle of persons – participants of traffic.

the Judgement of the first instance has been cancelled. Claim requirements of Petrovsk - the Transbaikalian interdistrict public prosecutor about the termination of the right by the respondent to operate vehicles have been satisfied. The judicial board has decided to terminate the right of the respondent to management of category vehicles « In » and to withdraw from it the driver`s licence.