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Victor Ishayev has supported difference reduction in time in the Far East

We have studied practice of neighbouring countries - Japan and Republic Korea. There there are no transitions to summer and winter time. Simply employers independently define both in the winter, and in the summer the beginning and the end of the working day. It too is comprehensible to us. For schools, the preschool centres, managing subjects. The law it is not forbidden to regulate it, - Victor Ishayev has underlined.

Also the plenipotentiary considers that the most east regions of Russia - Kamchatka and Chukotka - do not need to hurry with time transfer at one o`clock more close by the Moscow time. To begin with it is necessary to look, as already taken place transition of these regions in other time zone will affect, after all the Kamchatka edge and Chukchi autonomous region this year have come nearer to Moscow at one o`clock and if earlier the time difference of these regions with capital made 9 hours today the difference in time makes 8 hours.

- it is important, that dalnevostochniki adapted for new time zone, we should estimate all advantages and the minuses which have arisen from movement of hour hands, - Victor Ishayev considers.

the Khabarovsk and seaside edges, and also the Sakhalin region will change time zones in the spring of 2011. The difference with Moscow will make + 6 hours. (Yakutia) will be reduced from three to two quantity of time zones in Republic Sakha. Time of the Kamchatka edge, the Magadan area and Chukchi autonomous region remains former and will differ from Moscow at 8 o`clock.