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The girl who has gone in Ekaterinburg was

26 - the summer chief of department of technical support « the Media site » was gone the day before yesterday in the morning, leaving cafe « Sushimak » where met fellow workers (See Ekaterinburzhenka, being ill a flu, has gone for work and was gone   ) . Last time it saw, when young guys of the Caucasian nationality tried to get acquainted with it.

Disturbed native, friends and familiar girls have started to search for Nastju which phone was inaccessible. Have written the application in militia on search, were stirred terribly.

- All of us were on nerves because through newspapers and the Internet already knew that happens to the gone nice girls. But, fortunately, all has managed. Nastja was. Now it in hospital. It, to a campaign, unknown persons have beaten, but she does not want to extend about it and as - that to overblow all this story. The main thing that it is live and healthy, - has told « close friend Nasti Alexander.