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The inhabitant of the Tomsk region accuse of violent acts against the child

In 2006 earlier the offender and released conditionally - ahead of schedule the man has been appointed by the trustee of the 6 - the summer niece. Mum of the girl have deprived of the parental rights. As informs a press - service SKP of the Russian Federation on THAT, with 2006 for 2009 « the trustee » made concerning the girl violent acts of sexual character, using its helpless status.

the proofs Extracted by investigating bodies the court recognised as sufficient for removal of a verdict of guilty 32 - to summer townsman Strezhevoj. It recognised as guilty of fulfilment of crimes under articles « the violent acts of sexual character made concerning the minor » and « default of duties on education of the minor ».

on December, 13th, 2010 the malefactor is denounced by a sentence of Strezhevsky city court of the Tomsk region by 13 years to 3 months of imprisonment with punishment serving in a corrective colony of a high security. The sentence has not entered validity yet and can be appealed against.