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To young members of parliament will hand over the special certificate on leaving school

on December, 17th at 14 o`clock in « to School of the young member of parliament » will pass finishing employment. The special certificate on its termination will be handed over investigators, informs a press - service of Legislative Assembly of Transbaikalian edge.

Employment will pass on - special. Participants of educational process will be divided into the groups, everyone will work over certain subjects — « Human rights » « Electoral activity of youth » « Youth and local government ». Experts will estimate quality of knowledge. In their role deputies of Legislative Assembly and teachers « will act; Schools of the young member of parliament ».

As well as in any educational institution, in « to School of the young member of parliament » there are diligent pupils and not so. Therefore certificates on its termination will hand over to 23 investigators from 30. Those who passed employment or did not carry out homework, the document will not receive.

the First wave of employment has passed in the spring — from March till the June, the second — from September till December. The curriculum has been calculated at 32 o`clock. Investigators of political school new to region became young zabajkaltsy at the age from 18 till 30 years, managed to pass competitive selection.