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In Irkutsk on a fire was lost two small children

the Next fire in Irkutsk has carried away lives of two children – 5 - summer Vani and 1,5 - one-year-old Nasti. Yesterday the apartment in a wooden two-storeyed apartment house along the street Podgornaja late at night has lighted up. The mistress of dwelling, coming back from shop, has seen that from a window of its apartment on the second floor there is a dense smoke. The woman has called firemen.

- it was found out Later that the proprietress handed over apartment to a married couple with two children, -   have told   in Gospozhnadzore across Irkutsk. – parents of children of the house were not, children were in apartment one. According to the mistress, a family safe, both spouses worked. In it day happens so that they had to leave children without supervision.

When firemen have arrived into place,   the apartment has been captured by fire, there was a dense smoke blanketing.   firemen have found   two corpses of children, bodies have strongly scorched. Investigators of Gospozhnadzora have established that in apartment there was an oven heating, but in it day the furnace did not burn. In the house was two electric heaters.

- different versions of a fire Are fulfilled, - speak in Gospozhnadzore. – the Cores two – infringement of service regulations of electrodevices or a childish prank. Children could be rescued, if a fire have found out not so late and in time on it have informed.