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Meeting of fans in Nizhni Novgorod has ended with detention of its participants

  As it is informed on a site     fanat1k. ru the action of anamnesis of the lost fan Spartaka have started to plan on Sunday, the group in contact for one day has collected nearby 500 persons.

in this connection on city central squares forces of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs and OMON which should stop any disorders have been pulled together.

however, young men all - taki left on meeting.

- 150 persons pochtili memory of the friend near Tchkalov`s monument, - is informed on a site. -   after barracking of one of guys Russian forward group have started to take in a cordon and to make out.

some participants managed to disappear. The others on PAZike have taken away in Nizhniy Novgorod ROVD where have made the report and have released.

-     Unfortunately, in our country even commemoration are already pursued by the law, - participants of the action complain.