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Zenith - Kazan left in plej - off Leagues of champions

One week ago the Kazan command has lost in Bulgaria and in an accounting match volleyball players burnt to desires to be rehabilitated eyes of the fans. It wholly was possible to them. Tatarstantsam on issuing a revenge it was required hardly more hour.

« Zenitovtsy » already following the results of the first party have let know to the rival that good from departure to Kazan it is not necessary to wait. Tatarstantsy have begun a match straight away. Developing attack have decided not to spend. And already to the first technical break owners conducted 8:2. It is more, 16:6 Further, and the party with the devastating bill 25:8 has come to the end. In the second set « Zenith » turns has not reduced, and here CSKA has started to come to the senses. But all – taki to even up scores in a match at sofijtsev it has not turned out. Citizens of Kazan win also the second party, 25:19. And here in the third stay hardly have not revived an intrigue. At the bill 23:18 they have managed to win five balls successively and tried not to finish game ahead of schedule. And still « Zenith » Maxim Mihajlova`s efforts has managed to finish begun up to the end, 25:23 result of the third set and 3:0 a result of all match. A convincing revenge « Zenith » which, thus, has issued an exit in plej - off Leagues of champions.