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The Finnish police warns the Estonian colleagues about occurrence in their country moto - gangs

the Criminal police of Finland has informed the Estonian colleagues about moto - gangs Bandidos and Hells Angels Suomi expanding a zone of the influence on the Baltic country.

the Inspector on criminal cases of Tapio Kalliokoski has told to the program of Estonian television Pealtn ä gija that gangs which have strongly located in Finland convert the looks on neighbours.

« Under our data, movement towards Estonia occurs and now » - Kalliokoski has told.

the Head of bureau of the criminal information of department Criminal   polices of Lenno Rejmand has told that experience of other countries shows that Hells Angels and Bandidos frequently are engaged in criminal activity.

the President of Estonian association of motor clubs of Aare Kyuts has in turn assured that speech in this case goes about a widespread bias about moto - clubs. « I think, there is no sense this prejudice to deepen » - Kyuts has told.

Meanwhile, the program « Pealtn ä gija » notices that with occurrence in Finland two known clubs in second half 90 - h years, in the country gangster dismantlings which at the best came to an end with hand-to-hand fights in bars, and in the worst &mdash began to occur; to the place of these fights it was necessary to call catafalques, informs an information portal rus. err. ee.