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In Perm war to the high prices for gasoline

We already is declared wrote that with 28 - go October the price for fuel for autorefuellings LUKOIL became more low (read here more in detail). Only it happens not everywhere. As the drivers, not some autorefuellings of Open Company " inform; LUKOIL - Permnefteprodukt it even became above! And it in spite of the fact that one of these days the copy of the letter of the first vice-president of Open Society has come to federal antimonopoly service LUKOIL V.Nekrasov about a price situation on   the fuel market. In it it was informed that the company has executed requirements FAS of Russia and has reduced the prices for oil products according to market conditions. So, since August on   October wholesale prices NPZ on   diesel fuel Ai - 80 on   have fallen to 9,6 %; 10,6 %, Ai - 92 on   5 %, Ai - 95 on   4 %. In retail diztoplivo has fallen in price on 4 %, gasolines on   1 - 3 %. Falling of the prices, on management assurances LUKOIL to proceed till the end of October and will make 3 - 5 %...

Perm UFAS it was converted to permjakam with the request to fix rise in prices for gasoline and diztoplivo on company autorefuellings. It can be photos, cash and commodity checks where the exact address of a place of sale of oil products is specified.   both that, and another   is accepted to the address: Perm, Lenin`s street, 51, office 905.