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The dirtiest air on area in Pervouralsk

to Inhabitants of Average Ural Mountains became more difficult to breathe: in some cities of area   experts have fixed   strong air pollution. Ecological services have summed up monitoring of atmospheric air in Sverdlovsk area in   the third quarter of this year.

Researches of last three months have shown that level of pollution of atmospheric air in Nizhni Tagil, Krasnoturyinsk and Krasnouralske high, and in Pervouralsk - very high. Close the list of not harmless cities of Ekaterinburg and Kamensk - Ural, where   pollution level the raised. Sverdlovsk ecologists traced   maintenance level in air of such substances, as dioksid nitrogen, oksid carbon, dioksid brimstones, benzapiren, formaldehyde, benzene, hydrogen sulphide, etilbenzol,   ammonia and lead. Also   experts   Counted up the maintenance in air of fluoric connections and the weighed substances.

In Jugo - the Western area   the Ural capital   concentration of formaldehyde, and   is raised; on Uktuse - benzapirena.     In   air the Top - Isetsky area and around the Moscow hill is a lot of lead.   everywhere   on a city   high indicators   concentration etilbenzola.

As have told in a press - service of the ministry of natural resources, cases of extremely high pollution of atmospheric air in region territory in   this quarter did not mark.