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Murderers of the Kuban taxi driver are detained

In the Rostov region two brothers who killed the taxi driver in Krasnodar territory are detained.

As informs a press - service of SOU SKP the Russian Federation across Krasnodar territory, on October, 8th, 2008 the corpse of the unknown man has been found in Timashevsky area near to a forest belt. On its body there was a set koloto - rezanyh wounds. Criminal case has been brought. Investigatory actions have established the person of the killed. The taxi driver working in local firm has appeared it. This very day field investigators have found out the car belonging to the victim in Korenovsky area.

the persons suspected of commission of crime have been during the investigation established and detained. Two brothers one of which in August was unbound where sat for murder have appeared them. They have employed a taxi to go from Timashevsky area to Krasnodar. Under the version of the investigation, on the journey between the taxi driver and passengers there was a quarrel concerning payment for journey. As a result of the conflict the taxi driver has been killed.

Now accused are in custody. Investigation proceeds.