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Barnaul the Dynamo has failed on departure in Makhachkala

Yesterday, on October, 8th, has taken place   38 - j   tour of the championship of Russia over football 1 - go a battalion. Barnaul the Dynamo on departure met with Makhachkala Anzhi .

Already   on the ninth minute   game time from giving angular Gridnev showers with heading a ball in gate of the Altay football players.

On 21 - j for rough game dinamovskogo the goalkeeper the main judge has shown to minute on odinnadtsatimetrovuju a mark. Dzhikija has punched, but Erich has guessed a direction of a ball and could reflect it.

Euphoria proceeded absolutely not for long. More close by the end of the first time -   on 41 - j to minute -   owners beat dinamovskih defenders and punch on empty collars. Here Nenad Erich   it has appeared it is powerless.

In the second game piece   Gennady Morozova`s wards   And could not recoup, though the moments were: punching from twenty metres, the ball from Belichenko has got into a crossbeam.  

In added two minutes owners have repeated exploit a control shot in empty gate, having put a fat end in a match - 3:0.

we Will remind, last meeting of the Barnaul football players with mahakchalintsami   has taken place 17 - go June at stadium the Dynamo . Then the Altay sportsmen also did not manage to beat visitors - 1:3.

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Other results 38 - go tour:

sportakademklub (Moscow) - the Metallurgist - Kuzbas (Novokuznetsk) - 3:4
Alanija (Vladikavkaz) - Baltic (Kaliningrad) -   2:0
Mashuk - KMV (Pyatigorsk) - a Torpedo (Moscow)   - 0:1
Volga (Ulyanovsk) - the Dynamo (Bryansk) - 0:1
Salute - Energy (Belgorod) - Siberia (Novosibirsk) -   2:0
SKA (Rostov-on-Don) - Ural Mountains (Ekaterinburg) - 1:0
KAMAZ (Naberezhnye Chelny) - Rostov (Rostov-on-Don) - 1:0
CHernomorets (Novorossisk) - SKA - Energy (Khabarovsk) - 2:0
Kuban (Krasnodar) - the Star (Irkutsk) - 5:0