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To a New Year`s table nizhegorodtsev sent red caviar with golden stafilokokkom

  - the Shkotovsky district court in Primorski Krai has partially suspended activity large rybopererabatyvajushchego factory in a city the Big Stone in connection with rough infringements veterinarno - sanitary rules in enterprise work, - the assistant administrator of Seaside regional management of department Vitaly Salenko informs. - the Enterprise carried out constant deliveries of fish and caviar in Nizheny Novagorod.

the materials of check spent by inspectors of Rosselhoznadzora became the Occasion to such decision. They have established that on October, 14th this year on a warehouse in fish factory refrigerators has arrived eight tons of the delayed frozen caviar of the pollack which 1,496 thousand kgs it has been directed for processing for manufacturing of fish canned food the Liver and pollack caviar Allsorts delikatesnoe .

As to the Nizhniy Novgorod region should 13,5 tons of the caviar rolled up in banks in which pathogenic bacteria golden stafilokokka have been found out will go.