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Expelling newcomers, stavropolchanka it has appeared in hospital

Visitors from the next worlds have welcomed on a visit to the lonely old woman, which vein in Kislovodsk. On October, 29th in 8 mornings the neigbour of the grandmother living with her on one ladder platform, has heard suspicious fuss at an entrance. Leaving apartment, the woman has lost a speech power. The mistress of one of apartments 84 - summer Ljubov Prokofevna with noise and shouts threw out old worn things in an entrance. On a question: What occurs? the woman, without reflecting, has responded that to it in apartment newcomers have made the way, and she tries to show the door them. And if gatecrashers are not cleaned, the old woman has threatened to set fire to them. And it came to pass it was locked in apartment.

And soon from apartment windows, occupied representatives of an extraterrestrial civilisation,   brings down a dense black smoke. When firemen have approached on the house, it was possible to rescue the old woman only through a balcony: The fire has been late found out, and on opening   the entrance door any more was not time. On a fire autoladder the old woman evacuated in a court yard where it was expected already by experts First aid . Fortunately, it has not received burns. As a result of a fire the living room and a corridor have burnt out completely.

- Under the preliminary version the kindling reason was casual handling of fire, - informs a press - service of the regional Ministry of Emergency Measures. - according to neighbours the elderly woman repeatedly tried to poison earlier tenants of the house gas, but each time to carry out the artful plan to it experts of gas station disturbed.

Evgenie TOKAREV,