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Has entered a fashion on classics!

yesterday at news-stands was more populous, than usually. And on persons jaroslavtsev it is more than smiles! It has arranged a feast for the favourite readers. Each buyer fatties has received as a gift the first volume of a book collection. By the way, Dzheroma K. Dzheroma`s book three in a boat, without considering a dog all inhabitants of Yaroslavl can receive free of charge   till the end of this week at number purchase.

- the Feast will long last! The action is calculated for 7,5 months. Now every Tuesday in city booths there will be a new volume of the Book collection of all for 99 roubles, -   the head of service of advancement - Yaroslavl " has promised; Dmitry Kucher.

To a booth Rospechat that in the Deputy lane, happy buyers continually approach. Hurries to buy a hot the seller of the Central market - the neigbour in tent just bragged of the complimentary copy of the well-known best seller. Here at a booth a brand new small volume of Dzheroma mum, the father and the son of years 10 enough examine. Parents speak, let the son from the youth joins the good literature.

  And here the pretty woman waits for the turn at a booth.

- Have read about the action in the announcement at the grandmother who trades in newspapers at a stop, - the economist Tatyana Bogachyov shares pleasant news. - every week we will buy we with the husband have decided to collect all collection!

Are happy not only buyers, but also sellers.

  - Trade goes today better, many people are interested in the action And those who does not know about her, very much are surprised, when receive as a gift the book. It is pleasant to give to people pleasure, - smiles kiosker   Nina Ignatov.

Thirty volumes of classics can appear and on your book shelf!   Oscar Uald, Mark Twain, Zhjul Vern, Charles Dickens, Alexander Pushkin, Feodor Dostoevsky, Ivan Turgenev, Kozma Prutkov and other authors will be presented in a magnificent book collection. Everyone can collect a collection on the taste.