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Fans Volga in last match under an applause spent club in the First league

This original jubiljarom there was a defender volzhan Dmitry Andreev who has caused a stir on 76 - oh to minute of a match.

as a whole nizhegorodtsy throughout all game owned full advantage, however to a break gate of the goalkeeper Kirov " in any way could not unpack; dinamovtsev .

Stay shortly before a whistle on a break have acquired the right to a penalty. Kotljarov has guessed a direction of flight of a ball, but dinamovets has punched vpritirku with a bar - 0:1.

In the second time Sergey Petrenko has made a number of replacements, and nizhegorodtsy have literally pressed visitors to their collars. And on 64 minute volzhane have evened up scores. Osadchuk has made giving with angular, Zernov a head has dumped a ball of Semakinu, and that in struggle on the second floor has outstripped all - 1:1.

Further some times dangerously beat from - for limits another`s penal Ajdov, but it hardly - nearly did not have accuracy.

but Dmitry Andreev restored after a trauma after Malakhov`s discount has shot in the left lower corner of metres from twenty five - 2:1.

And after the termination of a match fans spent football players Volga never lost on the home field in this season, a burst of applause and skandirovaniem: the First league! .