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In a city Lermontov the militiaman has plundered the teenager

In broad daylight near the central lake of a city Lermontov two employees of the Department of Internal Affairs on KMV, being at execution, have approached to group of teenagers. Have to begin with demanded to show the documents certifying them of the person. When teenagers have given, militiamen have called one of them, 16 - summer Stepan, in an official car, ostensibly for more detailed conversation.

In the car one of militiamen became ugrrzhat to the guy that will involve it 18 - the summer girlfriend Marina standing there and then, in the company of teenagers, ostensibly for dissolute actions concerning minor Stepan. To avoid troubles has offered there and then, on a place. For this purpose it was necessary to pay the certain sum only. At Stepan money such with themselves was not, and he has offered sostovyj phone Nokia 32 30 in cost of 5 thousand 200 roubles. Compensation has satisfied the employee of the Department of Internal Affairs also it has released the teenager.

However then parents of the guy were converted to law enforcement bodies, and those have calculated dishonest kolegu.

the court Has taken place. The employee who has committed a crime, in court the fault recognised completely and has repented. The court recognised as its guilty of fulfilment of swindle and abusing powers of office and has appointed punishment   in the form of imprisonment for a period of 2 and a half a year in a corrective standard regime penal colony.

Tatyana GUSCHIN,