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Where it is possible to have fun on a Halloween in Minsk?

the Minsk clubs choose different days for Halloween commemorating. So attentively look, when arrange a party: on Thursday, Friday or Saturday. Also keep in mind that in some clubs without suits you will not start up.

- Africa
on October, 31st - Night of the lord dead this night club doors Africa are opened for those whom not a place to be among people... And if you are in a suit for you the input on party all night long will be free. The prices: 25 000 (for girls), 35 000 (for guys), 45 000 (little table).

- White Vezha - here will pass at once 2 parties - a masquerade
on October, 31st - Bloody Mary the Prices: 20 000 (for girls) and 30 000 (for guys)
on November, 1st - FULLMOON the Prices: 30 000 (for girls) and 40 000 (for guys) to get on parties to this club to you it will be necessary to get a carnival suit. Otherwise you will not pass a face - control .

on October, 31st - Anti - Halloween this night only the Love and Beauty here will reign. Therefore if you have lighted up desire to get on this party dress the most glamour carnival suit! And attention! Here an input only on Dress - code! The prices: 25 000 (for girls), 40 000 (for guys) and 50 000 (VIP).
on November, 1st - Halloween the Basic condition of this night - you should come in a suit Line or Vampires. The prices: 25 000 (for girls), 40 000 (for guys) and 50 000 (VIP).

- Orion
on October, 31st - Parade of monsters It will be the strangest, terrible and mysterious a party of year! The bright, modern version of a nightmare, true ball of darkness where the most perfect will gather monsters, witches and vampires . Here will be prepared special thematic performance and installations, mysterious dark space, powerful light and a sound. The fancy dress here will be greeted only by a small bottle of a power drink on an input. The prices: 20 000 (the ticket advanced order), 25 000 (on a place) and 30 000 (little table).

- Chicago
on October, 31st - Halloween Here you become witnesses of night incarnatings. Will see the tool of tortures, fire - perfomance and many other things. And organizers of show guarantee to you simply indelible night! On which you can get only in fancy dresses. The prices: 30 000 (for girls) and 50 000 (for guys)

- Night Star
on October, 31st - Night of all sacred The dramatized show, Standop comedians, Fair performance and terribly attractive Go - Go will entertain you all night long! And if you are in a suit for you the input on party all night long will be free. The prices: 30 000 (for all), 40 000 (little table)

- Step
on October, 31st - Horror! Halloween Party this night all demons and evil spirits that were concealed so a long time in you, come to light! Show on what you are capable, come off on the night of Halloween together with us! Budetzhutko! The prices: 20 000 (for all) and 15 000 (in a suit)

- Westworld Club
on October, 31st - Halloween Party Organizers of show of the program store that will be created in club in the strict secret. But promise that this night you awake to remember still for a long time! If you come in a fancy dress, free entrance on a party is provided. The prices: 26 000 (for all)

And At this time

it is not obligatory to celebrate this feast in club. It is possible to arrange a party and at home! Will invite friends and arrange for them the dress - a code. For example, let all girls this evening will be witches, and guys - chertjami. Necessarily create mysterious conditions. Place on all apartment of a candle, create twilight (and is better cover with a red kerchief a lamp). For a supper prepare dishes exclusively from red products. Take pepper, apples, tomatoes, meat. For bolshego effect it is possible to take natural dye of red colour and to decorate, for example, cottage cheese. You will estimate - it is checked up. Also submit to all tomato juice.
one more good idea - to jerk abroad. In Europe this day in streets arrange the present carnivals! But for such rest you should have a visa.


In America the mask of Sarai Pejlin, the candidate in vice-presidents, became the leader of sales on the eve of a Halloween. It has left far behind not only masks of the zombie, devils and other monsters, but also masks of the political opponents - Barack Obama and Mak Kejna.