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Dangerous dances

I go every day by the Khabarovsk ice on a city much. Alas, the working road technics I meet extremely seldom. Where it? - Vladimir Bannikov, the motorist with 20 - the summer experience is perplexed habarovchanin. - the result of clearing is visible only in the street Muraveva - Amur near the mayoralty, well in steam of places in city centre. And on bolshej parts of city roads transport creeps on ice hillocks, « hopping ».

As informs a press - service of administration of Khabarovsk, first of all dorozhniki cleared of snow those highways where the public transport that there were no failures in its work is involved.

- On Monday morning on « Shipyards » there were some trams. They left tens passengers and went directly on snow-covered tram ways on bus stops, - Galina Antonenko tells ocheviditsa events. - At stops everywhere there were snowdrifts. People got out directly on road. And buses went the overflowed.

- Yesterday at several tram cars have burnt down engines. And a route 6 could not start from 6 mornings to 14 o`clock in the afternoon, - the chief of a traffic department tramvajno - trolleybus management Tatyana Filippova speaks. - we clean Rails, and on crossroads where in snow nakate and naledi highways, trams slip also engines burn.

As Tatyana Viktorovna has informed, street Sheronova crossroads - the Amur parkway, street Sheronova - Lenin`s street, in areas of stops « became serious obstacles for movement of trams; Factory » « the Shipyard » « Mechanical technical school ». On the Amur parkway the brigade tram putejtsev has been sent to clean a highway on a crossroads. And on Lenin`s street trams lifted on a tow by means of heavy machinery.

- Earlier we called up with dorozhnikami. They have a column, and we send brigades putejtsev and we clean snow together. Same year they work under the schedule - clear away road and fill up rails. And we - on the: we clean off snow from rails on road. It is a lot of efforts - result pitiable, - Tatyana Filippova continues. - we could cope With clearing of tram stops to morning of Tuesday. Did a detour - all 115 stops as it should be. And here on crossroads at traffic lights on the same street Krasnorechensky our cars at times cannot go. People stand and possibility to pass street directly on rails wait. There is no place more.

as appears from reports, on Monday road services of a city cleaned snow there where were not in time during week-end: at transport stops. The control checks spent on Sunday, have shown that not everywhere the organisations which should clear territories adjoining to them operatively worked. City heads have claims to educational institutions, the car-care centre enterprises, autoparkings, trade enterprises.

- It is necessary to involve more actively technics in clearing of intraquarter roads and fares, - the mayor of Khabarovsk Alexander Sokolov has underlined at meeting. - and to management companies - it is better to care of cleaning of court yard. There are remarks and to the housing organisations - not in all territories heads have shown efficiency and have organised during week-end work of yard keepers.

Plus to that at dorozhnikov there are problems from - for the cars, which Khabarovsk citizens park, where it is necessary. They disturb to work of snow-removing technics. The same difficulties are tested also by transport « Spetsavtohozjajstva » - the cars put in court yard do not allow to drive to the cars which are taking out garbage from containers.

In this connection in the near future the city administration plans to spend a number of spot-checks on roads together with employees of traffic police on check of such illegal parkings. Stirring cars will evacuate.

As the housing and communal services dispatching office informs, Monday afternoon on city cleaning 162 units of road technics, at night - 57 worked. For days 3355 cubic metre of snow are taken out, on city roads is poured out more than 347 tons peschano - a hydrochloric mix. And on Tuesday Khabarovsk citizens, unfortunately, it is necessary for whom to cross street Krasnorechensky, have been urged even to overcome roadside snowdrifts on pedestrian crossings.

After a snowfall has passed four days. Alas, but the result of work of road services in this time depresses. And in the summer dorozhniki reported on all corners: the city by the winter is ready! The necessary volume protivogololednyh reagents, peschano - a hydrochloric mix is bought.

From the message a press - mayoralty services for July, 12th, 2010: « two combined road cars, and for snow cleaning - three graders Are got.

the municipal contract on delivery in addition one more combined car with the distributor protivogololednogo a reagent that will allow to bring in the winter into accord norms of its expense Is concluded and will provide possibility of adjustment of scattering taking into account temperature of air and a thickness of the dropped out snow. Cost of one such car - 4,8 million roubles ». Where all it?

So how much days are necessary, that cars on roads not « danced » mums with carriages on city streets did not make « Suvorov`s transition through the Alpes » people did not roll down from bus stops on tram rails?

- And you want, that the city has been cleared to what degree? All roads from bordjurnogo a stone to bordjurnogo a stone to naked asphalt? And on all sidewalks and pedestrian crossings was not ldinki, snowflakes, how in the summer? - Specifies a question the first deputy of the mayor of Khabarovsk Andrey Volokzhanin. - In the winter such will be never. Get nonslipping footwear, wheels of cars put on winter tyres and do not develop dangerous speed. The winter that from summer also differs that on roads skolzko.

Well, thanks for a wise advice, Andrey Nikolaevich. But unless advice is waited today by townspeople from the first persons of a city? They wait for accurate work of corresponding urban services. On Tuesday at meeting in the government of edge work of urban services on clearing of roads has been recognised by unsatisfactory. Townspeople who hardly reach for work adhere to the same opinion also.