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Salary delays can return

last week employees steklozavoda Neman striked from - for delays of the salary and as a result could achieve the - money has started to translate in some hours after the meeting beginning - approximately such information has appeared in mass-media some days ago.

- No strike existed, at factory all is quiet also money workers have received under the schedule unless with the short delay, - have told in administration   factory.

the Reasons of this the short delay on Neman did not name. Probably, it has occurred from - that earlier for payment of earnings the factory took credits in bank, and in October has tried to manage own forces - whether money did not take, whether them have not given

Even if affairs go well, by a pay day of money for all employees of the company can sometimes not suffice,   And then it is necessary to take the credit for short term. Today the credit costs much, and to receive it uneasy. Therefore the Belarus enterprises to which should occupy money for the salary, can soon face the indignant workers.

Worker of large Belarus factories - MAZa, MTZ, BMZ - it is not necessary to worry ahead of time, Alexander CHUBRIK, the economist of the Research centre of Institute of privatisation and management is assured:

- For them money always will be, and is not present while the bases to believe that these factories will have problems with money.
it is necessary To be stirred to workers of less large, as a rule, gradoobrazujushchih, the enterprises. They, according to Chubrika, do not differ effective business dealing. And it is a serious occasion that the bank to which reliable clients are necessary only, has refused the credit.

  - World economy slump in production which can mention and Belarus, in particular the enterprises which deliver production for export expects, - the chairman of Association of the Belarus banks Felix CHERNYAVSKY considers. Is means that such enterprise can have problems. A leah will give out bank the credit to the problem enterprise? Certainly, if the client very reliable, and bank is ready to believe to it money will give to it. But, most likely, the number of refusals will increase.

refusal in the credit for the problem enterprise will mean that the director not only should have a talk with workers. There is no credit money for business development - there is no manufacture growth, so, ahead serious problems. And if ordinary employees still can count on support from the state the enterprises as a whole, most likely, should get out.


Last time with salary payment the Belarus enterprises tested serious problems in the summer of 2001 On MAZe and MTZ have detained the salary for a month. At other factories, for example, the Mogilyov machine-building factory, - for three months. The general size of a debt under the salary in industrial sector made more than 2,5 mlrd roubles. In search of money factories have been urged to take credits under high percent.