Rus News Journal

The Petersburg tyrant was braided by townspeople

Alexey Krivenko (the name is changed, - a bus)   it was not slept. It turned with a side sideways, but thoughts - racers did not give to soul of rest. The manager   modest firm has been strong offended on destiny: at women it did not use success, to brag in a smoking-room to muzhiks there was nothing, because special exploits on love front behind it was not registered. Yes to fairy tales muzhiks also would not believe: Alexey was ordinary-looking and tiresome.

- Here there was now a gin though, well even from the socket has taken off. Or from a dusty vase it was suddenly materialised! - Krivenko dreamt, looking in a ceiling. - would ask me: that you want, the adolescent? The woman? On, choose, show a finger though on Miss Universe. Any for happiness will consider.

Thoughts - racers carried away Alexey in transcendental distances more and more. Here it on azure coast in an environment of ten beauties. And here leaves expensive limousine in the company with Jeanne Friske. Here itself Salma Hayek begs him in a lap: marry me!

  - Yes that I here chew snivels, it is necessary to operate! - Alexey has suddenly started.   Has put on, has perfumed with favourite cologne and has gone to wander at night under the Neva prospectus.

it was necessary to Wander not for long. He has seen it is the girl! The beauty, very young. Most that! First tried to get acquainted with it on - good. Something murmured about the nature, weather and perfect autumn evening. The girl contemptiously looked at the puny creature and, laughing, did not reduce a fast pace. Krivenko it has enraged. It has seized it more strong, has clamped a mouth a hand, and has dragged in an open front door of the house.

- Give, the beauty. As at cinema: fast sex at an entrance also we run up, - it touched unfortunate.

It escaped, but it has encouraged him even more.

- it is pleasant to You. You want! - the impudent fellow insisted.

the Girl began to shout and call to the aid. The young man, left to smoke at an entrance, quickly glades that to what. Has run in the communal flat behind help. The tyrant, having understood that pursue it, has left a victim and has jerked on street. But muzhiks have quickly caught it, have braided and have called militia.

- the Office of Public Prosecutor of the Central area brings criminal case, - have informed in a press - service of Office of Public Prosecutor of St.-Petersburg. - now Alexey Krivenko should be responsible for rape attempt. In the criminal world, as it is known, tyrants do not favour.