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The representative of Natsbank: Any republic of the former USSR has not returned to the citizens the Soviet contributions in how much - a leah nibud the significant size


I Can to take away the contribution when will approach at last - that term?

In   conformity with   article 186 of the Bank code the bank is obliged to return to the citizen its contribution ahead of schedule in   a current of 5 days. In   a case of infringement of this term it is possible to be converted with   the complaint in   a territorial Central board of Natsbank (the address and   phones on   site NB) or in   court. A leah

Is expected the decision of the government, other state bodies about   freezing population contributions (in   Belarus, foreign currency)?

the Idea of freezing of contributions can dream only in   a bad dream. In   1998, when a situation in   To national economy was much worse, such measure at all   it was discussed. What to speak about   today?

If the bank has gone bankrupt, what guarantees are given the investor on   to return of its contribution and   in   what terms?

In   conformity with   the law about   warranting of contributions, in   a case of bankruptcy of bank, the investor will receive the money in   specially created agency on   to warranting of contributions in   a current of month after the reference.

Many countries of the former USSR have returned monetary contributions (though in   any volume) the Savings Bank of the USSR. That in   Belarus it is audible on   to this occasion?

  one republic of the former USSR not   has returned to the citizens the Soviet contributions in   how much - nibud the significant size. In   that number and   Belarus. The reason is simple: our economy today not   have for this purpose sufficient resources.


Heard that in   communications with   crisis can raise the interest rate on   to credits which already have been given out earlier. A leah So it?

the Interest rate on   to credits can be raised, if such condition is registered in   the credit contract. Re-read it.

However, that banks of Belarus with   physical persons on first of November cease to finance?

the Lie. Recently in   NB have analysed the credit policy in   8 commercial banks. It was found out that   one of   them not   has reduced crediting volumes.

What destiny of crediting on   building and   habitation purchase in   the next year - two.

Crediting will proceed in   the same volume, as well as   today.

Why the Belarus banks not   give the credit without guarantors to those people who already took earlier and   in time gave?    

Banks have toughened requirements to   kreditopoluchateljam in   communications with   that the excessive demand on   today is observed; credits. World financial crisis has cleared at   some our citizens of hope on   that in   the changed conditions it not   it is necessary to return the credit, or it is necessary to return much less money as the credit currency will undergo to in one stage sharp devaluation. These hopes are illusive. That not   less, banks not   want to deal   clients, which not   are going to return the credit. Banks not   want to deal   Clients who overestimate the possibilities on   to return of the credit and   have gone in   bank for   money only because others there have gone. From here growth of interest rates on   to the credit, lengthening of terms granting of extra means. More strict approach to   to the credit, to   to financial position ssudozaemshchika. To   to a word, without guarantors not   give the credit and   to employees of Natsbank. A leah

it is necessary to get today in   credits on   real estate, after all interest rates such high!?    

If there is such possibility, it is better not   to hurry. It is impossible to buy something in   the excessive demand period. And   now not   only credits expensive, but   and   the real estate has grown in   to the price.

In   communications with   The arisen deficiency of the finance not   a leah will be cancelled preferential (5 %   - 20 years) habitation crediting defended in   turns in   executive committees?

Preferential crediting will be saved. As for townspeople, and   for inhabitants of countryside. Credits will stand out on   the same conditions.

It would be desirable to specify a situation on   to the builders, building commercial habitation with   attraction of bank credits. What probability of the termination of their financing by banks on   to already concluded contracts? And   a leah legally it?
If the contract is concluded, the bank is obliged to satisfy its condition if he refuses to make it without strong reasons, you have the right to be converted in   court which will oblige bank to carry out the concluded contract. That not   less, attentively designate the contract which you have signed. Probably, in   It any condition which allows bank to stop financing contains. In   this case court to you not   will help.


Not   will prompt, a leah can call crisis delays of salaries. To us on   to a private concern already on   two weeks detain the salary. The boss speaks, what not   can remove with   bills money, tells from - for crisis in   banks. It is truth or the chief conducts dishonest game?

you should be converted in   inspection on   to work.

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