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The family of invalids was plundered in Kuzbas

About twelve nights at a door of one of houses in village by Barge hauliers have knocked. On a question 13 - the summer girl who has come, have responded artem . When the child has opened a door, in the house two huge guys in masks have become hollow. Having intimidated 43 - the summer woman and it 70 - summer mother punishment, they have started to clean cases. The pensioner lying on a bed, has tried to get imperceptibly   from - under pillows the purse hidden there. The woman wanted to hide the money, however one of gangsters has pulled out at it a purse then criminals have disappeared. On road podelniki have thrown out masks which were found out later by police officers. Four days field investigators searched for suspects. It has appeared that offenders local residents 37 - mi and 29 - ti were years malefactors earlier. With the inspector they admitted conversation that knew for certain where go: Invalids - people not poor, the state pays in it good pension, means, money at them is . Stolen ten thousand to predators has sufficed for a short while. By the time of detention   they already have spent them. The suspect will shortly bring accusation for a robbery.