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In the Volgograd region for a bribe have detained the head of rural settlement

On   days in Nikolaevsk area of the Volgograd region   the Office of Public Prosecutor has filed criminal charges concerning the head of Levchunovsky rural settlement.

To police officers behind the help with the request to protect it from vymogatelstv the local resident was converted.   It was found out that several days earlier the man was converted   to the rural head of administration with the request vydatpolozhitelnuju the characteristic.

As the public prosecutor of the Nikolaev area Alexey IVANS , local   has informed; to the inhabitant   the characteristic for its familiarising with materials   was required; criminal case. Earlier it was involved in a criminal liability for theft fulfilment.

Without thinking twice, the head of settlement has written   the necessary characteristic. But for service has asked 500 roubles.

the Fact of reception of a bribe was embodied also by law enforcement officers.

- Now in   the relation of the head of settlement the criminal case raised   is investigated; under article Reception of a bribe by the head of local government - have explained in a press - service pokuratury   the Volgograd region.