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Banker Frenkel is threatened with a life imprisonment

the Public prosecutor on the case of murder of the first vice-president of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation Andrey Kozlova asks court to sentence to a life imprisonment of banker Alexey Frenkel recognised guilty of organisation of murder, passes “ Interfax “.

the Same term can receive the second accused on business - under the court version, the direct murderer of the vice-president of the Central Bank, Alexey Polovinkin.   the Others   figurants has put the public prosecutor has demanded to sentence to imprisonment for the term from nine years to a life imprisonment.

All on business there pass seven persons: Alexey Frenkel, Liana Askerova, Boris Shafraj, Bogdan Pogorzhevsky, Alexey Polovinkin, Maxim Progljada and Alexander Belokopytov. Under the version of the investigation, three from them were executors of murder, three - intermediaries, and one - banker Alexey Frenkel - the customer.

“ We asked to sentence Frenkel and Polovinkina to lifelong imprisonment “ - has declared to journalists the public prosecutor on business of Gjulchahra Ibragimova. She has told that charge asked to sentence defendant Maxim Progljada to 25 years of imprisonment. Accused to Boris Shafraju and Liane Askerovoj the public prosecutor asked to appoint punishment in the form of 17 years of imprisonment, and to two other defendants - to Alexander Belokopytovu and Bogdanu Pogorzhevsky - 12 and nine years. According to Office of Public Prosecutor, everything, except Askerovoj, should serve time in a high security colony.

“ Tomorrow in court with last word defendants " will act; - has told the public prosecutor.

Protection on - former considers that charge pressed on jurymen, and asked about dissolution of board of the jurymen who have taken out an accusatory verdict:

“ almost all lawyers asked to dismiss board of jurymen in connection with pressure which appeared on board “ - the lawyer of one of accused Alexander Chernov has told to journalists.

And Alexander Belokopytova Yury Elmashev`s defender and at all asked to take out the verdict of “not guilty“ to its client:

“ Jurymen recognised as its guilt-free in murder and illegal storage of the weapon, recognising as its guilty only in shadowing which is not a crime “ - the lawyer has told on court.

the Main accused Alexey Frenkel in last word has asked to make to it psychiatric examination.

“ If I, having won process against the Central Bank in Arbitration court, has decided to kill Kozlova, I mean is mentally unhealthy. Mentally healthy person of the such will not make “ - the banker has told.

we Will remind, attempt at Andrey Kozlova have made in the evening on September, 13th, 2006. The first vice-president of the Central Bank next morning has died in hospital.

Under the version of the investigation, professional work of Kozlova into which conducting questions of bank supervision and a response of bank licences entered became a cause of the murder.

on October, 28th the board of jurymen in Moscow City Court by a majority of votes recognised that Alexey Frenkel is involved in the murder of the vice-president of the Central Bank made in 2006 of Andrey Kozlova. The Office of Public Prosecutor named this decision of jurymen a justice celebration.

All on a dock there were seven persons, one more participant of a crime has disappeared and is put on the international wanted list. Litigation lasted eight months.

the Board of jurymen took out a verdict throughout five hours. A definitive verdict of jurymen: all seven defendants are guilty, only two from them, Bogdan Pogorzhelsky and Alexander Belokopytov, are recognised by worthy indulgences.

According to a state accuser, Alexey Frenkel through Lianu Askerovu handed over the information to Boris Shafraju who has found direct executors of a crime. Motive of murder - a response Bank of Russia shortly before murder at headed by Alexey Frenkel “ VIP - bank “ licences. According to the investigation, for Andrey Kozlova Alexey Frenkel`s murder has paid about 300 thousand dollars.