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Streets of Khabarovsk will be blocked for special equipment work

Such decision it was accepted at session of the interdepartmental commission on traffic safety which was spent by the minister of the industry and transport of edge Victor of Wonderful century

- According to traffic police, on edge roads all is bad, and under the information dorozhnikov - it is good, - Victor Vladimirovich at session has noticed. - to whom to believe? I believe the eyes. Roads are cleaned badly, the special equipment works unorganized, creating jams for motor transport. In Komsomolske - on - the Cupid where snowfalls have passed more strongly, than in Khabarovsk, we had to close movement of suburban buses. But transport all the same went to settlements Berry and Snow.

As the deputy chief of regional traffic police Oleg Zubakin has reported, by quantity of road accident from - for not cleaned streets Khabarovsk territories has reached one of the highest indicators over the last 10 years – 163 in day. The quantity of victims has six times increased.

And if in Khabarovsk in streets the special equipment in countryside of any cleaning it is not observed works. And in Komsomolske - on - the Cupid snow store directly on crossroads. Thereby complicating the review to motorists. From - for snowfalls movement on a city of the Youth and twice &ndash already was four times closed; to Vladivostok.

Concerning the deputy director of DRSU Komsomolska - on - the Cupid action about administrative infringement for default of the official duties is brought.

According to Victor Chudova to prevent « madness on roads » it is necessary to make the following.

Completely to block streets for clearing that cars did not disturb to a special equipment. About what streets when will be cleaned, it is necessary to notify.

the Parked cars during work to evacuate. All heavy machinery to employ at night. To develop measures on decrease in the resolved speed of movement in streets of Khabarovsk during snowfalls.

is not last snowfall this year, - Victor has summed of Wonderful century up session - And we should not repeat the errors.