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Blagoveshchentsy have run into debt kommunalshchikam 720 million roubles

Before to describe property, police officers repeatedly give the chance to citizens to pay off debts voluntary. But, this time preventions have been ignored, therefore it was necessary to withdraw property. In it experts of Open Company « also were engaged; Power comfort » together with UFSSP.

At one tenants the debt was 30 thousand roubles, others have run into debt already 190 thousand.

- There are people who have got to a heavy reality situation, but such it is a little, - Julia Lankina , the court enforcement officer - executor UFSSP tells . – Many simply do not consider it necessary to spend money for social needs. It is a lot of and those who « are not in time » or « forget » to pay for utilities.

Troubles can be avoided. For this purpose it is necessary to extinguish debts simply. Experts will help to enter into the agreement on re-structuring of a debt by that who cannot pay off all debt at once. To each debtor approach individually, counting monthly payments. And at the conclusion of the contract on instalments the debtor has the right to get the state support in a grant kind. Besides, it is released   from fine charge.  

from whom have already withdrawn property, can pay debts, within ten days. Then property to them will return. Thus, late with payment, it is necessary to compensate still performing gathering – 7 % from an amount of debt. It means that if debts of 100 thousand, only for one day of delay the sum will grow on 7 thousand roubles. For default of requirements of the court enforcement officer of the debtor can involve to administrative or a criminal liability.    

By the way, for today the general debt blagoveshchentsev for utilities exceeds 720 million roubles.