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Krasnoyarsk declares war to stoppers!

One of these days in city administration have presented the scale project of reconstruction of the transport scheme of Krasnoyarsk. This year will expand streets of Miners and Igarsky, reconstruct the prospectus of Pilots and street Alekseeva, for May, 9th two ring outcomes will make and will start to build a pedestrian crossing around medical academy.

- principal causes of road problems is a discrepancy of width of road and old transport, - has explained the chief of a workshop of town-planning designing of institute Krasnojarskgrazhdanproekt Tatyana Lisienko. - Besides carrying capacity of many streets is strongly exceeded. For example, in the centre of Krasnoyarsk does not suffice almost two lanes.

According to the deputy chief of department of transport of administration of Krasnoyarsk region Leonid Semenova, new trolleybus lines can appear in microdistricts Vzletka and Northern, in Sverdlovsk area, probably, and in Academgorodok. Also the big updating of park of city passenger transport is planned.

development of a street high system under the project of the transport scheme will pass in Krasnoyarsk in three stages:

In 2008 on the Guerrilla of Iron ore there will be a pedestrian crossing

Is planned:

- expansion of streets Vejnbauma and Belinsky;

- building of a traffic intersection of Republic - Kopylov - Maerchaka;

- occurrence of two pedestrian crossings: on the Guerrilla of Iron ore around street 78 - j the Voluntary brigade and on a street Maerchaka and prospectus crossroads Free;

- building of the new bridge which becomes a part of a new outcome Dubrovinsky - Kopylov - the right coast.

To 2010 - mu will expand the prospectus Free

It is planned:

- reconstruction the prospectus of Pilots and building of street Volochaevsky;

- prospectus expansion Free with an exit on street Bryansk;

- building of a many-storeyed outcome on Predmostnoj of the area,

- reconstruction of the transport site along the street Michurin;

- building of pedestrian crossings: on the prospectus the Krasnoyarsk worker, street of 26 Baku commissioners and around factory of TVs.

to 2015 - go reconstruct street Semafornuju

- Reconstruction of a highway from street of Kalinin to plodovo - berry station;

- building of a highway from the new Volochaevsky bridge through Yenisei to street Sverdlovsk;

- prolongation of street Ship-building Sverdlovsk;

- reconstruction of streets Semafornaja, Matrosova and building on their crossing of multilevel outcomes;

- occurrence of four pedestrian crossings: Around Shopping centre, Krasmasha, on crossing of streets of Charles Marx - Vejnbauma and the prospectus Free;

- building of the southern detour including streets Sayansk, Soil, Tombovsky, Odessa.

designers assert that realisation of this project will allow to lower by 2015 movement in Krasnoyarsk more than on third. It is expected that the definitive variant of the complex transport scheme of Krasnoyarsk will be accepted in a month.

the underground in our city will be?

architects have included building of the first line of underground by extent In this scale project approximately 12,5 kilometres. Probably, stations in the Krasnoyarsk underground will be: High-rise - Kopylov - Station - the Revolution Area - the World Area - Red Jar - Aerostation - the October bridge. On this building it is required 5 billion roubles!


16 billion roubles - the initial estimate of the project

450 million roubles - it is planned on program realisation in 2006