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Involved in murder of the imam yet do not send

As already informed, on September, 25th employees of department of private security OVD of Kislovodsk have found out on a roadside proezzhej parts along the street Beautiful the car VAZ - 2106 (from September, 27th). Near to car there were two unknown persons who have tried to disappear, and at detention attempt have opened fire. As a result of it militiaman Sergey Tokarev has been wounded. Attacking it was possible to disappear.

In two hundred metres from a scene, at an entrance of the house 5 along the street Cheljuskina, has been found out a corpse of Abubekira Kurdzhieva. The imam has got a gunshot wound in a chest. Near to it field investigators have found pistol IZH with seven cartridges, according to some information, belonging to the imam.

As have informed in Office of Public Prosecutor of Stavropol Territory, the information on detention involved in murder of the imam of a mosque of Kislovodsk Abubekira Kurdzhieva who has appeared in some mass-media, is non-credible. I an island On public relations Suvorov`s Love has informed the senior assistant to the public prosecutor I have contacted the public prosecutor of Stavropol Territory Sergey Golovanevym, and here that he has told: Those two arrested persons about whom originally there was a speech, now pass on other criminal cases. But they are not involved in murder of the imam .

the information which has Appeared also about found out in the car attacked the imam certain rasstrelnom the list in which surnames killed to Stavropol Territory and in KCHR Islamic ecclesiastics are marked by ticks, in Office of Public Prosecutor do not make comments.

For the first time the information on such list has appeared on one of separative sites. On it it was informed that to execution of Kurdzhieva (ostensibly for treachery and Antiislamic activity ) Can be involved certain Mojaheds karachaevo - Circassian dzhamaata .

- he shrived traditional Islam and had very big authority. To it lasted both old men, and young, - the imam of Malokarachaevsky area has told. - the outstanding scientist, the expert on religions. He spoke: I began to create Mohammedan prayers as soon as has learnt to consider to five .

- Most likely, extremists are involved in it. It did not start up in a mosque of Wahhabites as knew many of them by sight, - church-goers spoke. - it is possible, it and became the reason begun about half a year back threats.

- Called, threatened, was such, - has confirmed daughter Abubekira Kurdzhieva. - He both in Office of Public Prosecutor, and was converted into FSB. Why they have not helped us?

- Now at us month Ramadan, and that day the imam created a Mohammedan prayer - taravih. Then it left a mosque and has gone home. At an entrance at it have shot. Both neighbours, and the wife heard a shot. When the wife has come running, it was already dead, - those who has arrived on funeral of Kurdzhieva told.