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In Nevinnomyssk the woman has suffered from the washing machine

the Inhabitant of Nevinnomyssk was converted into polyclinic with a hand trauma. At suffered phalanxes of fingers and a skin are seriously hurt. She has explained to doctors that has hurt a hand in to the washing machine. The explanation was so original that has drawn attention of city department on work. However, initial attempts to find out on what of the enterprises there was an incident (inspectors did not doubt that the trauma industrial - a hand, in their opinion, most likely, has got to the combing car), have come to the end with failure. Searched for the enterprise which is engaged in processing of wool. In Nevinnomyssk four such organisations. Everyone on inquiries about fresh an industrial traumatism responded negatively.

Soon the State Labour Inspection of Stavropol Territory was connected to complex story investigation. All enterprises - pererabotchiki wool have been checked up.

- We have found the organisation. It NSHPO a name of Lapina, - was told by the state inspector of work SK Victor Nesterenko. - Of shop on manufacture severe topsa (a product of processing of wool) us at first have tried to convince that the trauma is received by the employee at washing in house conditions. We took from all explanatory then workers have ceased to persist. For concealment of an industrial traumatism on a management the penalty at a rate of 3 thousand roubles is imposed.

According to city department on work, it already the second from the beginning of year the fact of concealment of accidents in the organisations of Nevinnomyssk. Calms that any of them has not come to the end with deadly exod a little. At the same time all for 9 months of this year at the city enterprises there were 45 accidents. Every tenth of them is qualified as heavy.