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The United Nations have noted Stavropol

on October, 4th in Kazan celebrated the World day habitat (in translation from English habitat means dwelling ). It passed at the initiative of the United Nations (within the limits of the program Habitat ) And the World organisation Incorporated cities and local authorities (OGMV). By the way, such large international forum in Russia has been spent for the first time for 30 years. Mayors and representatives of municipalities of 80 cities of Russia, the CIS countries and the far abroad have gathered in capital of Tatarstan: Great Britain, Canada, Finland, Sweden, the republic of South Africa, China, Pakistan. Was among invited and the mayor of Stavropol Dmitry Kuzmin.

the Main task of the program of the United Nations Habitat realisation of the purposes of development of millenary which provide achievement of various indicators - from reduction by 2015 of scales of poverty before the termination of a tendency of distribution of a HIV/ AIDS to the same term. Aim annually spent forums of the United Nations - Habitat - the prevention of the whole world of its collective responsibility for the future of inhabitancy of the person.

And a subject of the action spent in Tatarstan, - Cities - a source of our hopes . Therefore and nominations on which awarded participants of the program, carried corresponding names.

As a result this day joint diplomas of the United Nations - Habitat and OGMV 11 cities of Russia have been awarded. Among the first - Stavropol which is awarded the diploma For creation of a healthy and comfortable city living environment .



the Diploma Grozny - in a nomination " has been awarded also; For habitation restoration in postdisputed Chechen Republic . And the diploma For the contribution to a development of education Budyonnovsk has been noted.