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In Pyatigorsk gun dogs

On H competitions of gun dogs of memory of Evgenie Drannikova (the known expert on Kavminvodah competed - the cynologist) there have arrived 7 commands from all south of Russia. The Stavropol dogs have appeared the best - in obshchekomandnom offset stavropoltsy have occupied 1 - e a place. In individual competitions by the winner there was a pointer (an English gun dog) from Essentukov, silver has got kurtshaaru (German pointer) from the Old field on a nickname of Dan.

- In a definite time (from 30 minutes about one hour) dogs should find out game, - the owner Dans Oleg Lebedev tells, - to show to the owner, in what place it has hidden and what is this game - the partridge there hides, the pheasant or has sung.

Hunting dogs represent it by means of a special rack, turn of a head, position of a tail, a body, ears. Skilled this hunter language understands perfectly. And by rules of competitions the dog should find not less than three kinds of birds.

At competitions strict judges estimate an animal on many indicators: it both an exterior, and obedience, and range of a scent. If the four-footed hunter applies for the first place, it should guess extraction for 9 and more metres. But such masterly njuhachej in unit edge. For last 8 years the Interdistrict organisation of hunters and fishers has revealed only one dog with such fine feeling. The game for 7 - 8 metres is capable to smell Pitomitsa Oleg Lebedev. A nose bronze medallists can scent extraction for 6 metres.

- Hunting with a dog is an art, - Oleg considers. - you always near to a dog, you it see, you in excellent relations. When you go shooting, you do not need to fill game, you need to take pleasure in work of a dog. And the dog is the same person, only woollen.

Once on hunting to Oleg Vjacheslavovichem there was an amusing case. They have gone with Danoj on pheasants. At Oleg as any hunter, has a rule - not to shoot chickens, only cockerels.

- I have started up a dog, - he, - and around tells a cane in snow. Dan has pierced to itself a paw, has wounded a muzzle, but has lifted at first one chicken, then the second. I have called up her, have praised, but I do not shoot. She very much was surprised, then, at last, has lifted a cockerel, I have shot, have got. Here Dan of village, has turned away also all kind shows that for a bird it will not go. And for gun dogs to bring, extract game is the greatest pleasure! Well, I in a fever have rushed for a bird itself, have failed in ice water, have brought extraction. And Dan has climbed under the car and so it is malicious on me has looked! A pier, now you have understood, what such for a bird to run?!


KNOW ours!

In 2003 on the All-Russia competitions in Voronezh stavropoltsy have occupied 2 - e a place, in 2006 at competition in Adygea where dog lovers from all JUFO have gathered, the command from Stavropol has occupied 1 - e a place.