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That do not love our teeth?

on the Direct line in the doctor - the stomatologist 1 - j categories of city children`s polyclinic of Stavropol Marina MOMOT

  has visited;

- Hello, Oksana disturbs from Svetlograda, me of 25 years. At me teeth reacts on sweet, sour, salty. And when a frost, teeth very strongly lomit. With what it can be connected?

is at you simply hypersensibility of enamel. At all at us different teeth, and, naturally, also reacts they at all on - to a miscellaneous. It is necessary to you of time in three months three days on end to cover teeth so-called fluorine - a varnish. There will be a protective film, and teeth will cease so strongly to react to various irritants. If it does not help, it is possible to make elektroforez with calcium and fluorine. In house conditions it is possible to rinse grasses. Very well the sage helps. And that not lomilo at a frost, it is necessary for you to carry teeth sharfik. Our teeth does not love sharp change of temperature. Also remember, if at you such problem you need to ruminate as less as possible as it skims enamels, and it is not necessary to eat very hot or very cold food. Tooth-paste is more preferable with fluorine and calcium. Certainly, hypersensibility of enamel cannot lead to loss of teeth or to their fragility but to get rid of the unpleasant phenomena, it is necessary to spend treatment regularly.


- Marina Nikolaevna, good evening. Natalia from Stavropol calls. To my son of 9 years, at it a problem with a bite. One year ago it carried a plate. And that the most surprising, did it with the great pleasure. Said that without a plate already is, neither to sleep, nor to talk it is normal cannot. And here not so long ago we have again come to children`s stomatologic polyclinic, and the doctor has told to us that it is necessary to make one more nozzle on a plate. After that my son refuses flatly it to carry. He has told that it to it disturbs, presses and so forth. And I am inclined to believe the son because one year ago it with pleasure carried it. Tell, maybe, it is not necessary to torment the child how much the problem on a broader scale is serious? What consequences can be?

- If your son already carried plastinochku it is necessary to look, a leah there were at it any changes in a bite. And if your doctor has told to revile still a plate it, certainly, it is necessary to make. During half a year the bite can come back in home position, and the new plate acts as some kind of a fixer. Therefore it it is necessary to revile at least any time to fix already corrected bite. As the boy small and a jaw at it still grows. I understand that he does not want that to it it is inconvenient. I advise to you once again to talk to your attending physician.

- And can, is better put on to it brekety? Than they differ from a usual plate?

- Brekety are put on the mixed bite when are available both a milk teeth, and constants, but only in the event that there is a difficult pathology. It or the big density of teeth below, or the third tooth is above very highly located and etc. Usually them put on in 12 years when there was already a full change of teeth. And if it is possible to correct a bite usual plastinochkoj doctors advise it. As it is much cheaper. As to consequences... The wrong bite can lead to that the top jaw at your child in the future will increase, and bottom and remains underdeveloped.


Problems with gums? Visit parodontologa everyone half a year!

- the Direct line ? Simeon disturbs you from Stavropol, me of 27 years. At me every spring gums very strongly inflame. Start to bleed, and on them abscesses are formed almost. At me were poddesnevye stones, them have removed about two or three years ago. But there was one pocket. The doctor who cleaned these tumours, has told that anywhere from you this pocket any more will not get to also similar problems will disturb almost till the end of days. Time in a year it is necessary to visit the stomatologist and to prick any expensive preparation under a gum. Perhaps, you will advise that to me to do and where is better to be converted.

- If at you such problems you need to be converted to parodontologu everyone half a year. Otherwise in a mouth the constant centre of an infection will be supported, and at you pockets will be formed more and more. Therefore you should go once again to parodontologu to polyclinic that it has removed naddesnevye, poddesnevye pebbles and has made applications. To start it it is impossible. The periodontosis can develop - teeth will start to drop out. And it is possible to be converted into any stomatologic polyclinic in a residence. Now there are many techniques, and I think that if you will take care of the own life seriously necessarily will get rid of this problem.


- Hello, my name is Vick. To me 23 years. I the adult nice girl, but at me from a birth do not suffice the two second teeth. I did pictures, to me have told, what I on a broader scale do not have these teeth and what I will be not not helped by any crampons, plates and etc. That to me to do?

- First of all, I need to look at pictures of your absent teeth, to look, as rudiments of these teeth are located, a leah it is possible to develop them. And so it is very difficult to diagnose or something to advise. You can approach to me at any time, and already on a place we will solve, than you can be helped.

- Thanks big, I will necessarily come.


SES always on the alert!

- Hello, my name is Marina Sergeevna, I call from Stavropol. To my daughter of 13 years. Recently I have noticed that at it gums have started to bleed very strongly. Really at so early age there can be a periodontosis?

is, certainly, not a periodontosis, and only youthful gingivit. In puberty there is a hormonal reorganisation of an organism, including in gums. All microbes at us are in a mouth in sleeping a status, but at the slightest trauma, for example, at toothbrushing, at unsuccessful use of a toothpick, they turn to parasites. Therefore you should be converted into children`s stomatologic polyclinic. There there is a perfect doctor - parodontolog. It will clean to you all pebbles, a touch. As now there are perfect preparations thanks to which youthful gingivit recovers.

- And how much patients of stomatologic polyclinic are protected from various infections, for example, from a hepatitis In or With?

- About it can not worry. At us full sterilisation - SES from us does not leave.


- Marina Nikolaevna, good evening, Irina Valerevna calls. I the big fan of coffee and to smoke, to tell the truth, too I love. And it is natural, from these habits at me a problem with teeth. I mean their colour. Tell, a leah there are any effective remedies for bleaching of teeth in house conditions? Or it is necessary to go to polyclinic?

- In house conditions if you smoke and love coffee, to bleach teeth it is almost impossible. It is necessary to go to polyclinic. Now, by the way, even ultrasound remove a yellow touch.

- And it is not sick?

It is absolutely not sick, even it is pleasant. A brush will drive on your teeth and all.

- And on this effect how much suffices?

- To begin with you will need to be shown at least time in half a year, and then is already more rare.

- And how much there is a given procedure?

- In different polyclinics on - to a miscellaneous. But not such this expensive pleasure.

- And in usual city polyclinic it is possible to bleach teeth?

- Certainly, it is possible.


- the Direct line? she is Tamara disturbs, me 54 years. Tell, please, at me gums bleed, but the periodontosis like would be not present, then with what it is connected? On a resort I have received medical treatment for gums - an irrigation, a dirt and etc. But from time to time when you brush teeth a brush, all of them equally bleed.

- you need to change a brush to avoid traumas. Probably, that which you use, is hardish for you. And and to you the brush not from natural, and from artificial fibres is necessary.

- To a trip on a resort at me over an upper teeth sacks were inflated. But after orosheny, mud procedures they already like would not be inflated.

- At us in a mouth good blood supply. And if you even hardly - hardly have hooked a brush on a gum, there can be a blood. I advise to you necessarily to rinse a mouth a sage.

- And it is possible to set one more question? I have pulled out recently very difficult tooth, the eight. And now on its place I feel what - that stone. What can it be?

is peregorodochka. It has property to rise, be pushed out, as a foreign matter. Gradually it will grow, but you will always feel it. But be not stirred - the inflammation any will not be.


For kids the best anaesthetising - arrangements and psychological contact!

- Marina Nikolaevna, to my child of 5 years. A leah it is possible for it to prick anaesthetics, or still early?

- On a broader scale - that, rather early. To do anaesthesia it is recommended from 12 years when the organism will already be generated. But there are also emergencies: very much a severe pain, the big fear or if to the child teeth treats for the first time. But on a broader scale, we try not to do to such small children anaesthesia. Simply we distract the child, we talk to it - we come into psychological contact.

- And if all - taki have made a prick...

- No trouble in it, of course, is not present. But the main thing not to be fond.

- And what consequences can be?

- there Can be an allergy. And then, when the child will be more adult and it really needs to prick anaesthetising, it can have anafilaktichesky shock or other allergic reaction to this preparation.


- Oksana from Mineral Waters calls. To me of 30 years. Recently has learnt (from a telecast), as adults can level canines. A leah truth it?

- Yes. It is put on breket - system the top and bottom jaws for two years.

- And you will not prompt, where it can be made?

- Now all polyclinics own a technique breket - systems.

- Tell, and it is convenient to carry brekety?

- can Eat without hindrances. Only when them will tighten, there will be pains - to it it is necessary to be ready.

- Why wash the doctor to me did not speak about breketah earlier?

- I do not know, at us this technique practises years 6 or 7. Basically those to whom for 20 - who has a little missed in due time the teeth are converted.


- Hello. To my child 2 years. Recently he has had been ill ORVI. And here it is literally yesterday at it high temperature, and in a mouth, mainly in language has risen, have appeared any jazvochki. What can it be?

is a stomatitis. It, as a rule, appears or after transferred ORVI, or after quinsy or any trauma in a mouth - from a tooth-brush, rough food and etc. the Stomatitis is passed air - a drop way, carries seasonal nature. And becomes aggravated more often in the spring and in the autumn.

- And how it to treat?

- to Process an oral cavity 3 - percentage peroxide of hydrogen, and then a weak solution of manganese. Then it is necessary to grease an oral cavity protivovirusnoj (0,25 %) oksolinovoj with ointment. To do it 5 - 6 times a day. If the temperature rises above 38 degrees, to give the febrifugal. During illness give to the child plentiful drink, keep to sparing diet. When the temperature will go down, it is possible to arrive to stomatologic polyclinic and to pass fizioprotsedury. With 4 - 5 - go day healing preparations - vinilin, oblepihovoe butter are applied, medical And remember: during a stomatitis your child should have a separate ware. If in a family there are other children, they are necessary for isolating from the sick kid.

- And how long the stomatitis can last?

- About seven days.


Use the paste containing calcium and fluorine

- Hello, my name is Maria. To my child year, and at it teeth till now was not cut. It is bad?

- Is not present. It is not bad. Usually teeth is cut through at children in 6 - 8 months. But there can be they and in 4,5 months, and in 1 year and 3 months. It is considered norm. To accelerate process, give to the little son more than firm food: apples, bread crusts. In drugstores special ringlets still are on sale, buy, let it gnaws them.


- Anja calls to you. Tell, please, from what age children can to start brush teeth paste?

- Since 2 years. There are the special children`s tooth-pastes containing fluorine, - the Cheburashka Drakosha . They do not irritate, have no aromatic additives and not strongly foam.

- And from what age it is already possible to clean adult paste?

With 6 - 7 years twice a day. Also it is desirable, that in paste calcium and fluorine contained.