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12 - summer essentuchanka became the champion of Europe

From September, 9 till September, 26th in the city of Gertsih - Novi (Montenegro) passed the European championship on chess among young men and girls (European Youth Chess Championship 2006). Honour of Russia was protected by 7 girls. Among them and 12 - summer inhabitant Essentukov Veronica Lezhepekova who, despite a rigid competition, not only has won first place in one of three nominations that it is already possible to consider as triumph, but also has set rate to all participants by other kinds of competitions. News, you see, pleasant for all inhabitants of Stavropol Territory. At once after returning home about a miracle - the correspondent has met the child.


Chess - study not a hindrance

- To chess Veronica some time was engaged in drawing and gymnastics, - tells Valentine Vasilevna, mum of the champion, - at us in the house till now all walls are covered by its pictures in beautiful frameworks. Chess was advised by the head of a circle in a kindergarten - has made out in the little girl the big abilities. We, having thought, have decided that is worse from it it becomes exact not, so why not to try. And in six years Veronica has entered known essentukskuju chess school the Vertical and already it is literally in half a year has taken the fourth place at competitions of Kavminvod. In seven years it became the winner of all chess competitions spent in Stavropol Territory. As people expert in this sport marked, Veronica`s potential grew every day, skill was perfected, therefore it was necessary for it to develop further to that we, parents, tried to contribute in every possible way. So, the daughter has got on the championship of Russia where not bad itself has shown. At all of us more often steels to appear thoughts on an exit on the international level. And soon they began to be realised: only this year we have visited the several countries - Greece, Turkey, etc. - Also have taken part in several international tournaments.

Veronica trains much, is constant in travelling, from - for what often passes school. But it is not reflected in any way in its study - it the round honours pupil.

- On a broader scale, to us has very much carried with educational institution, - Leonid Grigorevich, the father of the girl speaks, - the same usual high school the present trainer of the daughter has ended also Aram Gazarjan, the first on KMV the international grand master. The necessary path has already been blazed, for what to it many thanks, and the director concerned our travel indulgently as in practice it was convinced that from such children really in the future good people turn out.

For even it is enough - taki the young girl all these business trips - in pleasure.

- Thanks to chess, tournaments at me it is a lot of friends, we constantly communicate, correspond, - Veronica has told. - Each time I go on competitions to meet acquaintances, to tell and hear something new It always terribly interesting!

the Attempt which has become by triumph

- In spite of the fact that this year Veronica was only in ten on superiority of Russia, in it have believed and have invited to the European championship to Montenegro from which we have returned recently, - Leonid Grigorevich speaks. - In the competitions which were passing in a picturesque place at coast of Adriatic sea, in total took part 781 persons (young men and girls from 10 till 18 years) from 42 countries of the world. On the opening accompanied by grandiose salute on Red Square, there have arrived the high-ranking visitors: the new president of just separated Montenegro (Phillip Vujanovich. - a bus Comment) And the president of Kalmykia, head FIDE Kirsan Ilyumzhinov. In each age category (at Veronica - till 12 years) gold medals were played by three kinds of chess: classical, fast and a blitz. Direct competitors at us was 64, but the daughter has acted best, having won first place on fast chess, having got to ten on a blitz and the twenty on the classical. It is really stunning success, excellent result for Stavropol Territory, Southern region and on a broader scale all Russia as a whole.



Trainings - five hours per day

- Veronica trains for five hours every day, even on days off, - parents speak, - we do not force, she insists, understands that it needs be not to lost the form.

Veronica`s Hobby - reading of books, but on them at the girl, unfortunately, almost does not remain to time. And here the TV does not like to look.

Favourite meal of the champion - mushroom noodles, a borsch, okroshka. In days of competitions eats a lot of chocolate which she very much loves, and drinks a lot of natural juice - the organism demands some vitamins. As Veronica`s trainer, " has pertinently joked; already just right and on tournaments on chess to enter dopingovyj control .

Veronica - a local celebrity. Parents of the girl with a smile say that thanks to popularity of the daughter they too became recognised.

- When we all family walk on a city, - tells Valentine Vasilevna, - almost all passers-by greet us.

At young shahmatistki there are two dreams. The first - to defeat on the International chess Olympic Games. The second - to reach glories of the substitute - inimitable Harry Kasparov.