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Nikolay Hodareva from Mihajlovska have awarded with a medal of the Ministry of Emergency Measures

the Tragedy which has occurred on March, 14th, inhabitants of Mihajlovska remember till now. That ill-starred day fire has destroyed the house where there lived a family of Syshchenko - mother with 10 children (from March, 17th). Together with dwelling Syshchenko could lose the smallest members of a family - three girls 3, 4 and 5 years. On their happiness, the passing by Nikolay Hodarev, second without deliberating, has rushed to the aid. Risking life, the guy has taken out children from fire. 19 - the summer hero, having convinced that its help do not need any more, has there and then disappeared from a place of state of emergency. The woman living in the neighbourhood with pogoreltsami has helped to find it, - she knew the young man.

And here after almost half a year, on October, 9th, the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia has awarded Nikolay with a medal For courage on a fire .

to the Courageous act skilled employees of fire protection were surprised even. On behalf of the head of administration of a city to Nikolay Hodarevu have handed over a gift - the tape recorder. Special words of gratitude all gathered have told mothers of the hero of the festivities.

By the way, for last five years of such medal fighters of fire protection received only.

And still Nikolay - the young man to Stavropol Territory who has a medal For courage on a fire .