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Alexey SMOLKA: Optimists put on brightly!

actor Alexey Smolka who has left one year ago in capital, in February has returned to Krasnoyarsk. A leah for a long time - precisely does not know. But all things is not going to transport yet. As tells Smolka, with clothes at it on a broader scale a terrifying story : the part of things remained in Moscow, a part in Kiev and in the homeland - in Chernigov.

the main thing that the suit sat

the Father suits chooses carefully. In - the first, the trade obliges: the person public should look well always. Well and in - the second, it it is simple them very much loves.

- for me it is usual daily clothes, - Alexey tells. - mum has imparted love to suits since 16 years. At us a family intelligent, it are teachers. And my first education - pedagogical. However, have forced to study

Shopping, of course, tyres, but in shops Alexey should visit recently more often - the clothes yet do not suffice.

- in February has returned to Krasnoyarsk with one bag in hands, - tells Smolka, - so it is necessary to fill up clothes.

before to buy a sweater, the actor can come in 3 - 4 departments. What to speak about a suit choice? After all it take not for one season.

Hloponin is able to carry jackets

the Suit not only is difficult for picking up, it still should to be able be carried.

- the jacket should look as on a coat hanger. Even when the person goes or sits, - Alexey explains. - but it is the big rarity. To carry suits the few are able. I know, as in Kiev, and in Moscow theatrical teachers teach to politicians ability to wear. By the way, it will not prevent many our deputies. I can tell with confidence, from our politicians are able to carry suits Hloponin and the Falcon. Persons on whom suits look a bag I will not name, that me have not shot down

My dream - shop of colour footwear

- When I only have arrived to Krasnoyarsk, there was a problem with my Kiev clothes: it was strongly allocated. I love bright colours, and I am am irritated with their absence. For example, I watch on TV advertising of female footwear where there are all colours, all shades! Man`s - almost always black. And here if in Krasnoyarsk there was a shoe department for men where there would be an enormous choice of footwear on colour scale, think, it would be popular. But why - that in Russia till now if the person puts on brightly, all at once think: or it not that orientation, or the clown. I want to assure at once, I of normal orientation!

favourite colours it come from the childhood . The preferences the father does not change already many years.

- dark blue and brown I do not love from school. Because I was born still in those days when us forced to go in the Soviet suits, - continues Smolka. - I Abhor grey colour! It reminds me to KGB. Or grey people in life. The classics - a black suit with longitudinal white strips very is pleasant. After all to men to look in pleasantly spring, how women start to undress. I think, too it is pleasant to women to look not at jeans and a sweater, and on something such...

a light suit for spring

In this season on - former suits in a strip are actual. However, lines become hardly appreciable.

- leave in such suit in May, and on you will look and smile But not from - that you the fool! That is why that at you good mood, you are brightly dressed.

a cheerful variant. Will approach for walks along the street, for meetings. And it is possible and to go on appointment! On a broader scale this suit should be carried in the afternoon. In the evening in such dress to leave simply ridiculous.

the prices (in roubles):

the Tie: 1200

the Shirt lilac: 2700

the Shirt pink: 2500

the Suit: 17500

Green cheers up

the colour scale Has exchanged. In shops more and more suits of light natural tones. Shades beige are especially popular and is light - grey

- And in such it is possible to conduct a telecast, entertaining a current - show, to go to night club or restaurant. But here in bank it, of course, you will not put on.

the prices (in roubles):

the Tie: 900

the Shirt: 2700

the Suit: 18500

Dark blue with orange - stylishly and unexpectedly

the Strict, elegant suit should be in clothes of any man. Dark blue colour - quite neutral.

is a business, governmental suit. I it has decorated - has put on an orange shirt. Is better with such suit will look white or it is light - the blue sabanon is classics.

the prices (in roubles):

the Tie: 900 roubles

the Shirt: 2700

Cuff links do by Kostjum:11500 the man more expensively

it is important to pay attention for the man to details. For example, on cuff links. Their Alexey carries not often, says that for this purpose there should be a suitable mood.

- for example, prihvastnut to show off or simply to feel very bright person. However, to cuff links the pin or the points, any black element is necessary necessarily, - tells Smolka. - At me two kinds of cuff links - black and silver, but they lie uselessly a year three.

the price (in roubles): 2 100

we Give thanks for cooperation to shop Multiman

the File

Alexey Smolka - the leader of club the Koloradsky father . Has arrived to Krasnoyarsk from Ukraine in 2003 under the contract with dramatic theatre of a name of A.S.Pushkin. Before in Kiev acted in film in many Ukrainian films, was the leader on KaZantipe and other festivals. In the spring of 2005 has left Krasnoyarsk to Moscow where worked in clubs. After a year has returned to our city. Now again works in the Koloradsky father . Plays opera and ballet theatre in performance the Theatre director .